Cooperation setup

The basis for a successful procedure is a detail understanding of your needs and preferences as well as time-frame of your request. With our clients we start by a detail job description helping us prevent misunderstandings and/or time delay. Once we obtain your order or a contract is signed, the procedure starts immediately. For better understanding of your needs we propose a short production walk or filling a JD-form so all the questions are fully answered and the next steps can follow in short notice.

Candidates lookup

Our employees together with our own database are our most valuable assets. Fully deployed recruiters browsing our own database, efficient online marketing and tirelessly ringing phones is what it looks like in our offices with one single goal – delivery our order to your full satisfaction.

Work permit admin

Our technically-skilled employees are mostly EU-citizens, therefore the work permit administration doesn’t take longer than few days from the moment of client’s acceptance. Some clients’ demands may differ depending on production character. If your plant needs a massive squad of highly motivated individuals willing to work long hours, then third countries employees may be the right choice for you. In this case however the WP procedure needs to be counted in weeks or months.

Employees' start

Once the squad is all set and all the paperwork done, you are ready to take off. Our job doesn’t end here though. We constantly communicate with you as well as your new staff members to secure both parties smooth and continuous cooperation. Not only we provide all the service for your new people such as accommodation and daily transport to the job-site, our main concern still remains you being comfortable with the work they produce.