We are direct sales specialists. One of the main areas of our business is direct sales performed by
various methods. The most commonly used one is the door-to-door method especially for the B2C

Even in B2B projects, however, we believe in regularity and volume, so the principles remain the
same – we rely on the theory of large numbers. We believe that success in selling itself lies in
probability. Of course, it is very important to have the correct product parameters, a competitive
price, or efficient after-sales service. However, in order to sell, the offer must be met with a query.

We believe, that just waiting for the demand is not enough. In other words, it is not enough to have a
perfectly set product with all its attributes. It is also important to let enough potential customers
know about it. And also very important thing is not to rely on the customer to decide on his own.

We do not forget that the biggest obstacle to closing a business relationship is usually a status quo.

Business Services Products:

To our clients we bring tailor-made solutions in the area of ​​direct sales of their goods or services. We
will help you to acquire new customers in unsuspected volumes and quality. Contact us for more

The fastest and most effective way to acquire your new customers. The type of sale strategy
particularly suitable for types of services where market segmentation is not a necessary step in the
business strategy setup. Do you want to know if your product is suitable for this type of sale? Please
contact us and arrange a meeting.

Do you want to protect your existing customers from ever-increasing competition? Maintaining the
existing customer base is often very difficult. We'd like to talk to you about solutions for your
company. Connect with us.

Whether you need to contact potential customers or take requests from existing ones, make an active purchase, or service your own database, we have creative and effective solutions for both outbound and inbound. Find out more.

We bring our insight into your sales. Overview that you may lack, added value in the form of creative
solutions that you might not challenge yourself. We would like to share with you our long-term
experience in sales and customer psychology, we will propose an approach that guarantees results.
Would your salesforce appreciate different view of their work?
Would it help to acquire more efficient sales skills?
Does your sales team hurdle up obstacles to overcome?
Would you like to verify your business strategy?

Let’s talk about it. In over 10 years of sales, we have encountered a number of situations that we
have successfully resolved. We will also be happy to advise you. Tell us about your situation.

You know the story well. You are confident of your product, convinced of the qualities of your
salesguys, you are providing a unique service … but you feel that it’s still just not it. That your top-
performance is just one level higher. Maybe little is enough. The right volume of qualified leads is
often the real boost for your business. We have years of experience in delivering qualified leads.
Contact us so we can tell you more.

Do you feel like it’s time for a short term boost of sales? Do you recognize a time limited lack of sales? Or your headcount budget doesn’t leave you many choices? Hire a sales team from us. Of course, NDA is in our DNA. Contact us and tell us about your situation.